Walking 7 Ranch

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We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our love of horses and horseback riding with you.  However, it is important that you realize that everyone’s time is important - not just your time, but the time of all of our instructors, animals, and other students and riders.  It is the responsibility of the student/

guardian to be on time and ready to begin each lesson when scheduled.  Because many times multiple lessons are scheduled for the same day(s), if you are late for your lesson, you cause others to have to wait, and that is unfair to them.  

Except in the case of an emergency, it is necessary that you inform me, at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time, if the student will not be able to attend.  This notification will allow me to reschedule my time and the time of other students and instructors if necessary.  Likewise, we will notify you 12 hours prior to your scheduled lesson should a situation arise that prevents us from being available to give your lesson.

Your failure to provide 12 hour notification to cancel/reschedule, or failure to show up for a lesson, will result in you being charged the $35 lesson fee in addition to the fee for your next lesson.

Horseback riding should be fun and safe.  Weather conditions do not always cooperate, however, and should weather become a factor, we will notify the student/guardian and discuss alternate plans.  Likewise, we understand that emergencies do arise and we will be more than happy to work with you to reschedule your lesson.  

Thank you for your help in these matters.  It is appreciated.


Dallas and Kayla Bastin

Owners, Walking 7 Ranch

Signed and agreed to this _______ day of _________________, 2014.

Student Name: ________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

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