Walking 7 Ranch

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Lesson Program

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Walking 7 Ranch  fall/winter/spring Hours, effectiveOctober 1st until further notice. Times and days are subject to harsh weather conditions.

Monday-Thursday: 7am-10am, 6pm-8pm

Friday: 6am-8am

Saturday: 7am-10:30am

Sunday: Closed

1) Pony Rides: $10 each rider (Ages 3 and up) Reservation required.

Pony rides are available for one child, or for a group, at our location. Up to 15 minutes per rider; All ages are

welcome, even the very little ones! Your child will be gradually and safely introduced to the pony or horse, and

then given hand led rides in an enclosed area. Lots of photo opportunities for mom and dad! Loaner helmets

available. Closed toed shoes required for kids and parents.

2) Walking 7 Ranch Pony Pals Class: $60 each child

**Ages 5 and up. 1-3 children per class. One 90 minute to 2 hour session, depending on number of children.

Boots and long pants required; loaner riding helmets available. Parents and non-participants should wear closed

toe shoes also.

This class is a safe, non-threatening introduction to horses. It is a basic beginner program that allows the child to

interact with and learn about a pony or horse. Included are grooming, saddling, horse body language, and

common horse sense, as well as the do's and don’ts associated with the being in the barn. This one-time class

offers a safe and enjoyable introduction to the wonderful world of horses in a supportive and fun-filled

atmosphere. The session includes hand-led pony rides or a 1st riding lesson (at the instructor's discretion) in an

enclosed area on the pony the child has been working with, not to mention plenty of photo opportunities for

mom and dad! This is a required class for children wanting to participate in riding lessons, and have very little

or no previous experience with horses. 

*All beginner lesson riders must have completed the Pony Pals or Basic Horsemanship class, or have had

comparable horsemanship experience.*

3) Walking 7 Ranch 30 Minute Beginner Riding Lessons: $25 each or $115 for 5 lesson package, $215 for a 10

lesson package.

**Ages 5 through adults. Long pants, and riding boots required; loaner helmets available. Approximately 25

minutes of riding time. Each child is evaluated for their readiness to take lessons before being allowed in the

program, regardless of age or prior experience. Child should have completed at least the Tiny Tots Pony Pals Class (or have equivalent experience) before

embarking on a regular lesson program. The instructor will focus on balance and flexibility exercises to develop a secure seat, the basics of the halt,moving out at the walk, using the reins, and just getting comfortable on the horse. Lessons are begun with the horse or pony securely on the lead line in a small enclosure, and eventually moving into the large arena when the child is ready for a bitmore independence. 30 minute lessons are recommended for riders until they are working independently at all 3 gaits

4) Walking 7 Ranch 1 hour Intermediate Riding Lessons: $50 each or $215 for a 5 lesson package, $425 for a

package of 10 lessons

**Ages 8 and up. Long pants, and riding boots required; loaner helmets available. 60 minutes.

Students will learn the Secure Seat method of riding, which emphasizes balance, coordination, developing an

independent seat and lower center of gravity. The student must have demonstrated the ability to control the

horse independently at the walk, trot and lope/canter to participate in the 1 hour sessions, at the instructor's discretion

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