Walking 7 Ranch

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The following rules are for your protection as well as the horses and other animals at the Walking 7 Ranch (hereinafter referred to as “the Ranch” or “the property”).  Failure to adhere to these rules can result in a loss of riding privileges or a request to leave the property.  These rules are subject to revision at any time by the Owners of Walking 7 Ranch, and will be posted on the website, as well as given to all students.

  • All riding and animal handling is done at your own risk!

  • Parents and visitors are welcome to observe lessons, but are asked to remain outside of arenas and stalls unless asked to do otherwise by the instructor.  Ask the instructor where it is safe for you to observe.

  • We love animals, but please leave your pets in your vehicle or preferably at home.  We are not responsible for any injury to animals that go around the Ranch animals, but YOU are responsible for any injury to any Ranch animal caused by your animals.  

  • All children under 16 years old who are not taking lessons must be accompanied by a non-riding adult at all times.

  • All riders under the age of 16 years old are required to wear a safety helmet while mounted.

  • All riders are required to wear long pants and heeled boots.  No shorts, capris, skirts, dresses, flat-soled or open-toed shoes, or you will not be allowed to ride - no exceptions.

  • All riders are required to sign a liability waiver before they will be allowed to mount.

  • Horses are not to be left unattended while tied to a fence, trailer, or in cross-ties.

  • Use caution when working around horses.  No walking under necks, ropes, or cross-ties; no kneeling when cleaning their hoofs.

  • You are responsible for saddling, unsaddling, and grooming the horse you ride.  Put all grooming tools (brushes and combs) and tack back in its proper place.

  • Keep barn alley clear except when saddling, unsaddling or grooming horses.

  • Clean up after yourself and/or your horse.  Put all trash in the proper receptacle.

  • Ask permission before feeding any of the horses or other animals on the property.

  • Inhumane, neglectful or malicious treatment of animals or humans will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the Ranch immediately.  Respect other people and their horses when riding or visiting the Ranch.

  • Use courtesy - never touch anyone else’s horse, tack, equipment or property without asking their permission first.

  • No running, playing, shouting, or throwing objects in or around the barn.  Do not climb on the fences or gates.

  • Please park your vehicle where you do not interfere with others coming in or leaving the Ranch.

  • Absolutely no smoking or alcoholic beverages on Ranch property.

  • Please refrain from foul or abusive language.  We don’t use this type of language and don’t want to hear it.  We wish to maintain a very family-friendly atmosphere  here at the Ranch.

  • Keep gates closed at all times when not actively in use.

  • Students please notify the instructor of any change of address or telephone number.

  • You are hereby advised that direct loss, damage or injury to your personal horse, tack, equipment or trailer is not covered by our insurance while on these premises.  It is in your responsibility, as the owner with an invested interest in them, to ensure that you have these items covered under your homeowner’s, renter’s, or special insurance policy.

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